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Spotlight on Latino Voices: Janesse Torres-Rodriguez

Janesse is the creator and host of “Yo Quiero Dinero,” a platform dedicated to connecting diverse change-makers who are sharing their personal finance stories and inspiring others to take their din…

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Spotlight on Latino Voices: Daniela-Pierre Bravo

Daniela Pierre-Bravo is a New York City-based booking producer for MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” She is also the co-author, alongside Mika Brezinski, of the best-selling book “Earn It! Know Your Value and G…

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Making Sure Your Dinero Matters

A conversation with award-winning personal finance podcaster and author Jen Hemphill. Jen is the host of the "Her Dinero Matters Podcast," which focuses on the advancement of U.S. Latinas…

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