Month: October 2020

How Latin American Fintechs Tackle Income And Gender Inequality

This piece was originally published for Forbes. This is the final post in the series exploring how fintechs have tackled inequality. While part two examined how biases and systemic discrimination persists in AI and mortgage lending, part three concludes with a spotlight on a region that has come to the forefront in the fight to…

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All Is Fair In Mortgage Lending And Fintech?

This piece was originally published for Forbes. Have fintechs really bridged the inequality gap? This was the question presented in last week’s inaugural post, in an effort critically examine the performance of the industry. Real estate technology, and mortgage lending in particular, is a key area where fintechs have not managed to bridge the inequality…

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Fintechs Were Supposed Improve Equality – What Happened?

This piece was originally published for Forbes. Separate and unequal. This was one of the key findings of the 1968 Kerner Commission, which was assigned to investigate the underlying causes of the 1967 race riots. In many ways, this report portended the gruesome displays of inequality that have punctuated recent history. While overall median wealth…

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