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The Story of A’govest: A Mexican Fintech Startup Built by Women, for Women

Marisol Pérez-Chow and Fernanda Cuadra are the founders of, a platform aimed at reducing the gender wealth gap for women in Mexico. They met while pursuing their MBAs at the University …

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Building A Digital Ellis Island

Amir Hemmat is the co-founder and CEO of Welcome Technologies. Welcome Tech is the “digital Ellis Island” and future global platform for immigration. It is currently focused on the U.S. Latinx com…

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How the CEO of the Fintech Payslip Balances Financial and Mental Wellness

A conversation with the founder and CEO of Payslip, Fidelma McGuirk. Payslip offers its customers real-time visibility and control of payroll processes, something unheard of in an industry that is…

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