From Childhood Portfolios to Fintech Innovation: Brian Barnes on Building M1 Finance

No one cares about money as much as you do.  Crush the fundamentals, thing long term, get engaged with your finances.

Brian Barnes is the founder and CEO of the wealth management platform M1 Finance. Founded in 2015, the company uses digital tools to help customers automate the way that they invest and save. Brian shares how a stock pitch competition in school shaped his passion for investing, and how this experience later influenced his philosophy for M1. He also shares his three key tips for long-term financial wellness.

Episode Notes:

00:00 Introduction and Welcome
00:12 Guest’s Early Life and Interest in Business
01:07 First Foray into Money Management
01:57 Early Lessons in Investing
04:23 Impactful Money Memories
06:49 Transition from Personal Interest to Career
10:59 Challenges and Successes in Starting M1 Finance
17:58 Evolution of M1 Finance’s Products and Services
22:59 Keys to Success in the Competitive Fintech Space
25:39 Final Words of Wisdom for Personal Finance

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