Building a $200 Million Real Estate Portfolio One Duplex at a Time

My mistake is that I could have started doing bigger deals sooner.

Drew Breneman is the founder and CEO of the real estate platform, Breneman Capital.  Drew shares about his upbringing in the Midwest, his first dip into the world of investing was at the age of 19 when he bought a duplex, and how his real estate investment portfolio has since grown to $200 million. He reveals the important role his parents’ money mindset played in shaping his own perspective towards money and discusses transitioning from a scarcity mindset to taking calculated risks in investments. Breneman sheds light on the American housing scene, discussing its current expensive nature and ways to make it more affordable. Drew shares tips on becoming successful in real estate investment, such as targeting locations either established or on the upswing and seeking opportunities to add value to the property. Brenneman provides further resources for interested listeners.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Background
00:26 Growing Up with a Scarcity Mindset
01:21 Early Money Memories and Lessons
02:33 Overcoming the Scarcity Mindset
04:45 Teaching Financial Lessons to the Next Generation
05:55 Journey into Real Estate Investment
07:56 The First Duplex: Financing and Motivation
11:45 The Growth of a Real Estate Portfolio
13:20 The Current Housing Environment and Investment Beliefs
15:32 Characteristics of a Good Multi-family Investment

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