Music and dance have always played an important role in Armand Mignot’s life.

After graduating from MIT, Armand began his career in finance. He spent years at JP Morgan and BV Investment Partners, where he advised and invested in mid-to-large cap companies in the tech space. From there, he went to Harvard Business School where he co-founded a fintech startup called Finfox that helped small businesses automate their finance processes. 

Meanwhile, he was also a semi-professional salsa dancer, having the opportunity to perform at events like the Boston Celtics NBA half-time shows. He merged his love for both dance and entrepreneurship with his most recent startup. Armand is currently the founder of RenRico, a startup with a mobile app whose mission is to uplift underrepresented talent in the dance industry and social media space more broadly.

Join us as we discuss how Armand was inspired by his Chinese-Jamaican mother to pursue entrepreneurship, and how along the way, he’s managed to create wealth for others.

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