From Sailing Dreams to Boating Empire: The Catamaran Guru Success Story

At the end of the day, The most important person in our company is our customer. And that’s the culture that our entire company lives on. We’re a can do company and we believe in customer service.

A conversation with Estelle and Stephen Cockcroft, the founders of Catamaran Guru, a boating business. They discuss their journey in yacht brokering, how their early childhood experiences in South Africa inspired them on their quest to sail around the world, and the key to a harmonious business and personal relationship.

Episode Highlights:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:45 Background and Journey
00:05:32 Childhood in South Africa
00:06:42 Financial Lessons Growing Up
00:08:09 Building a Boat and Sailing Journey
00:17:28 Lessons Learned and Business Success
00:23:45 Vision for the Future
00:27:21 Favorite Sailing Destinations

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