How the CEO of the Fintech Payslip Balances Financial and Mental Wellness

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My family would always have a very strong work ethic … so we all started doing part-time jobs when we were like 10 or 11 when we were young like in the local farms and strawberry picking and fruit picking.

Fidelma McGuirk is the founder and CEO of Payslip, a global payroll management software solution that provides centralized process control, systemized data protection, and vendor management to international employers. Since launching the company several years ago, Fidelma and her team have managed to grow the company globally and recently announced an extension to their Series A fundraising round.

In this conversation, Fidelma shares:

  • How growing up in Ireland shaped her work ethic
  • Her earliest memories of her first job as a teenager and how she saved her communion money
  • The challenges and opportunities that raising startup funds has presented in the pandemic environment
  • The difficulty of breaking free from “golden handcuffs” to start your own business after building a successful career in a corporate environment

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