Money Doesn’t Make You Happy, But Lifestyle Creep Can Make You Miserable

Warren Gosling has learned that money is the key to unlocking more freedom and time.

Warren graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Manchester. He entered the banking industry through Barclays’ graduate scheme and spent the next several years working at a number of high-profile finance firms, including Lehman Brothers, Citibank, RBS, UBS. While working as a banker, Warren had a wake up call. Although he was earning lots of money, he felt the pressure of lifestyle creep. Soon, he found himself in debt. This kickstarted Warren’s journey to financial freedom.

Outside of work, Warren has a strong dedication to providing financial literacy and setting people up on their journey towards financial freedom – especially communities of color

We talk about how Warren’s Caribbean roots have shaped his mission to give back and the moment he realized that money does not necessarily make you happy.

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